Mathieu Tuli

Computer Engineer AI Research Scientist

I am a computer engineer and AI research scientist from Canada, currently living in Toronto. I currently lead of a team of researchers focused on generative AI for digital media at LG, specifically digital humans and personalized media creation for images and video. I also am collaborating on research for video diffusion avatars with the University of Toronto (with David Lindell).

My past research has covered topics ranging from 3D Face Tracking , 3D Generative AI (Facial Animation) , Reinforcement Learning , Computer Vision/Optimization , (also see here) and Generative AI and Algorithms. Checkout my publications for other works too.

I hobby in a lot of things; sports (tennis really these days); creative outlets like game dev and digital art and guitar; gaming ofc (lately a lot of Mario Party).

I love to write code and do research/build products that people will actually use. I lie at the intersection of endless academic pursuits and engineered products.